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Complete control of all your items

With MyItems, you can in a very easy way keep track of your valuable items. With a complete set of documentation, your
items will remain a higher value in the market, and you will benefit of keeping all the knowledge in one place.
You can also enter the date and warranty period on the receipts, and the system will remind you before the warranty expire.

When you are about to sell your item, you can easily grant access to a potential buyer who wants to review the documentation.

When the item is sold, then you can transfer all the documentation to the buyer. All the documentation follows the item.

Smart, right?

One system
for all your

Download the system, and pay attention to future updates. We have plenty of nice features in progress

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Complete control of your items

Enter all receipts and invoices connected to your item, and you will get a report which shows all your cost and income within a defined period

Gifts, or sold items

If an item is either sold or given away as a present, you can easily enter credentials to the new owner, and then the item will be transferred to the new owner in MyItems

Cloud based archive

All your documents, invoices and receipts is stored in the cloud, and is accessible through your user in any mobile device

Keep track on warranties

The system will give you a warning 10 days before the warranty expires. If you buy with a refund period, the system will give you a warning before the period is passed

Easy to use

You can either take a picture of the receipt in the application, upload a picture or receive a document in your personal MyItems email address

Maintenance log

With our maintenance log you can document all the costs that you invest in service and maintenance on your item

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