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Complete control on all your purchases

With MyItems, you can easily save all your receipts forever. Just open the app, take a picture of the receipt and then
it is stored in the system. You enter the date and cost of the item purchased, and you will get notified before the
warranty period is due and before you passed the last refund date.

If the item is sold or gifted, you can easily transfer the receipt to the new owner. The new owner will then get the
notifications before the warranty expires.

One system
for all your

Download the system, and pay attention to future
upgrades. This system will give you complete control
of all your values. This system will give you the
opportunity to preserve the value of all your assets.

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Keep track on warranties

The system will give you a warning 10 days before the warranty expires.
If you buy with a refund period, the system will
give you a warning before the period is passed.

Gifts, or sold items

If the item is either sold or given away as a present, you can easily
enter credentials to the new owner, and they will
get the receipt, with notifications in MyItems.

Cloud based storage

All the information is stored in the cloud, and is accessible through
your user in any device.

Easy to use

You can either take a picture of the receipt in the application, upload
a picture or receive a document in your personal
MyItems email address.

Complete control

Enter the date, amount and description, and you can get a report which
shows all your purchases within a period.


All your documents and receipts is stored in the system, and you will at
all time have access to these.

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