How To Organize Warranties And Manuals Using My Items?

 Best Warranty Tracker App

Did you know that paper management is the number one reason why business professionals are hiring a personal assistant? But gone are the days where we still prefer to have the conventional methods to organize our paper works. Be it an office or home, we rely on plenty of equipment and machinery to simplify our life activities. Starting from our most sophisticated wristwatch,  to household LED tv, washing machine, face trimmer, kitchen accessories, we have to manage the most tedious task of organizing the paperwork for product purchases.

Honestly, we might agree that dealing warranties and manuals are a pain in the head. Managing heaps of papers with less hope of reaching out the manufactures often make us reluctant. So how effectively you can manage these files? Here are some ideal steps for organizing warranties and manuals. Towards the end of the article we are also briefing about the best warranties tracker app to stay updated about the file storage trends in the digital world.

Step 1

As you might have guessed already, the first step is to gather all the owners manual and warranty cards in a central location. Ensure you have enough space to arrange the files in respective shelves. Once you have it in place, we need to sort all the documents into appropriate categories. Some of the major suggested categories to be deployed can be appliances, computers and software, electronics, kitchen, and other household accessories. Using subfolders can also be smart to locate the files later.

Step 2

While carrying out the sorting process, make sure you have a recycle bin at the closest to cut all the loops of the products with the expired warranties. Alongside, if needed recollect the products and see whether you need to check with the manufacturers or sellers to renew the warranty. All the other documents can be moved to trash. It’s ideal to rely on 3 ringed binder pockets for each category of products since there will be a considerably high number of warranties and user manuals to be stored.

Step 3

The final step is to create a bold and readable cover sheet that summarizes the categories in each binder pocket or shelf. The advantage of having labeled your categories is the easiness in finding the desired information pertaining to the product in a later stage of life. Even the single thought of locating a file can cause a lot of distress to our mind. This will help you keep the thoughts at bay and saves your time and energy. You can also prefer having a spine insert alongside the borders of the files so that you can simplify the search process further.

My Items – The cloud-based digital locker

Now you know which shelf has the warranty and user manual you are searching for. You have binder pockets and spine inserts to ease the task. But how safe are your files? My Items – helps you in organizing your file storage by replacing that overstuffed paperwork with a simple file upload system within your phone and enables cloud system to safeguard your files. Now check the lint filter of your clothes dryer, check the warranty of your washing machine, check what comes promised with your new asset, all in real time.

My Items is a purpose-made warranty card reminder app that monitors your warranty dates and gives you a notification when it is about to expire. The app digitally scans the image of the documents and store within the app with the shield of cloud-based servers. Users can even transfer the files even if the product is being sold to a third party buyer, where he/she can easily monitor and track the files. 

Download the app here and get ready to facelift your file managing task!

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