In case you are still poring over bundles of receipts stuffed into an old cover or squeezed within a rubber band, it is time for you to adopt a bill tracker app. The act of searching for your receipts, finding and organizing them date-wise into a folder, and turning them into an expense-report is time-consuming. This activity could easily be turned into a digital one if you wish so. The receipts can be spotted by searching for keywords that make sense to you such as groceries, petrol, hotels, etc.

Whether you want to store the receipts in the cloud or scan them and turn them into relevant expense reports or keep insurance records, any or all of these are possible with My Items, a bill tracker app.  Most of the mobile apps use high-level security like those used by banks.

My Items – Cloud-Based App To Organize Receipts Online

With the help of an Internet connection, this app allows you to store receipts in the cloud. This helps you in organizing the receipts into expenditure reports in a jiffy. There are different in which you can capture the receipt data: email, SMS, and the phone camera. The expense report can be formed using tools such as Excel, QuickBooks, FreshBooks, or Quicken.

My Items – It is Convenient

The use of a mobile phone to organize your receipts is much more convenient than a desktop computer because it can be done on the go. The reports can be stored on the cloud. Whereas some online apps even provide the convenience of importing all expense details directly from the credit cards or scan software on the mobiles to generate detailed expense reports with all the details filled in. This feature makes it the best receipt tracking app ever. 

My Items – Digital Medium for Receipts

MyItems helps to change all paper receipts into a digital format and expense reports. This saves you hours from having to search for the receipts, try organizing them and then entering them into software if you want to convert them into the digital form. These tasks can be automated using receipt tracker apps that will do the job for you.

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