Bill payment is one of the major components of a family debate. As soon as a new month commences, we have a daily showdown where your parents will ask you remit a slew of bills like water, electricity, TV, telephone, etc, besides paying various EMI’s. At workspace, you will bear the responsibility to handle the work documents. Most of the time, we understand the need to follow an organized or disciplined life, but we simply can’t perform it. Following a routine life has become such a phobia for many of us. Here are some sure-fire strategies that will help you streamline your bill payment process.

Bill Payment Section

Install a physical bill payment section within your home can be ideal to perform all your payment tasks. It doesn’t need to be a large space; a table, a drawer and a lamp with a couple of pens, letter pads, and calculator can get the job done for you. This will be your only dedicated area where your family will perform the bill tallying and organizing the process.

Organize Your Paper Bills

In technology advanced days, organizing your bills can be a tough task. With a lot of paper bills scheduled every month, it’s hard to gather all your family expense bills and track them. You need to categorize the bills based on the ease of classification. Use separate envelopes and mark each of them with different markers to label the due date.

Organize your E-bills

As the world is marching ahead on e-payments, you need to organize your emails for electronic statements. You can rely on separate emails for banking and investment payments. Unlike the paper bills, it will be relatively hard to organize e-bills if you are not a tech-savvy person. Make sure to evaluate the e-bills before entering the agreement.

Schedule a payment time

Every month schedule a dedicated time to evaluate the payment process across both the categories. Remove all the documents which are already paid or separate them together into a paid drawer. This will create a healthy and accessible payment history of your family. You can even spend time on reviewing your financial statement and check your payment patterns as well.

Mode of Payment

If you want to completely enjoy control over the payments, consider opting online bill payments. Either you will have your designated bank to perform transactions on your behalf. Or else, you will have separate service providers for each category. Make sure to note the transaction numbers and respective UPI labels so that you can record your transactions.

My Items

If you are a tech-savvy person, by now you would have imagined why can’t these conventional methods be replaced by some automated systems? Your thought makes sense and here we present you the complete answer for your thought – My Items – the top bill tracker app for you. This purpose-built mobile application enables you to enjoy complete control of your individual and family payment tracking process. You can simply generate a picture, save the bills and tracking receipts and bills easily through the app. The app safeguarded by cloud servers ensures that you will never lose track of the bill once it is uploaded in the application.

Now, what if you need to make a renewal of the bill payment? Upload your payment bills in the app and mention the respective period of expiry or reminders. My Items will trigger a notification before the day of expiry so that you can initiate timely action regarding the payment. Now if we are selling a product to a third party, you can easily transfer the document to the buyer. This free online billing app is designed flawlessly to keep users stay on top of their receipts and bill payments. Its user-friendly layout lets the customers to access all information at ease. 

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