You might be a youngster who just starting earning, you might be a family man who has the responsibility of family administration or a civilian who would be enjoying the retired life – chances are high that you will be least bothered about managing bills. Today we have cardless payments, QR code enabled payments, tons of apps like Paytm and Google Pay. But what if you miss locating a crucial life insurance receipt and the agent ruined your peace of mind? What is the whole point if you end up confessing to your family?

Imagine your purchase patterns a year – you upgrade your smartphone, buy a new washing machine, a trimmer, get a solar-powered system for home, install a water heater, air filter or buy a new bike for yourself or son. How sure are you in terms of locating the purchase bills? Not much, right? Then beware that life has enough reasons to surprise you in a seriously bad way. We understand its quite hard to manage receipts, however, we are pretty sure that you should never miss out on the following categories. These are high priority bills for a lifetime!

Medical Bills

No one needs to be taught that medical bills are highly important in one’s life. But it’s a matter of how often you miss them. Imagine you had kidney transplantation and after quite a few years you find some trouble again (hopefully not). What if you never have a record where you paid and conducted the surgery? The hospital can drain your brain by saying we don’t recognize the patient. Always keep the medical bills and receipts safely in the store. It’s your life or your well-wisher’s life – never play with it!

Automobile Bills

Your cars or bikes are subject to a lot of warranty claims. You might need to conduct regular checkups and adhere to subsequent legal verifications periodically. In case of any accidents, you need to have all the pertaining documents in place so that you can minimize the legal consequences. Maintain a proper checklist of the services and repairs of your vehicle so that you can have a clear timeline of what exactly you have done over a period of time. This will definitely bring peace of mind for you!


Imagine how many products you have in your home and office! It is quite a tally and a major chunk of them will have a warranty period. Say for example your TV, refrigerator, grinder, water heater, hairdryer and much more. The foremost thing any manufactures will demand in order to approve your warranty claim would be the receipt or the warranty card. Simply failing to safely store these receipts will deny you the warranty of the product. So always make sure you organize and store the receipts for all your big purchases.

How to organize your receipts?

“Last day, while talking to my friend about his car crash and the subsequent warranty claims. I realized the importance of the purchase and tax invoice. I immediately rushed to my home and searched for my receipts and warranty cards. Thank God! It’s safe and secure.” Seems like a good story, does it? But what if I had miscued it? Any minor crashes or accidents, I will simply be demoralized and embarrassed during my warranty claim. I will curse myself for being in such a situation, where a little bit of concern would have saved me!

If we look around us, we can see confessions like these. This is a rude awakening for many, but by then we would have lost our peace of mind. So we need to be organized in terms of storing the receipts and bills of our transactions and product purchases. It’s ideal to keep all the receipts in respective folders or shelves after categorizing them according to your conveniences. Collect and store all receipts in respective folders and review them on a weekly or monthly basis. Now if you wish to have more privileges, then rely on the best bill tracking apps for storing files.

My Items

Whether its tax filing, business management, personal budget preferences, holding onto receipts and bills are a little bit of concern. In the era of technological advancements, many find it awkward to managing receipts in the conventional and time-consuming way. My Items is a designated mobile application that has been launched to redefine the way of managing receipts. By relying on image recognition, the application enables to upload and save all the receipts and trigger timely reminders on warranty expiry and renewal dates.

My Items easily becomes one of the best apps to manage your receipts, thanks to its effective roll out the interface and easy submission features. Users can easily sort through the receipts and even transfer the receipts to the new owner while selling your gadgets. The main advantage of the app is that all the files and documents are secured in the cloud, which ensures that your valuable data will be safe and secured all the time. The features are fairly simplistic that even laymen can follow and understand the process. 

Now download the app for free here:

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