6 Common Invoicing Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

Everyone understands the importance of drafting an invoice. But due to last-minute hustles, you may often create some mistakes while drafting your invoice that leads to delays in getting the payment. Cash flow is one of the critical aspects of everyone’s life. Who would like to make mistakes that are easily avoidable? There are free […]

How To Manage High Priority Bills Using My Items?

You might be a youngster who just starting earning, you might be a family man who has the responsibility of family administration or a civilian who would be enjoying the retired life – chances are high that you will be least bothered about managing bills. Today we have cardless payments, QR code enabled payments, tons […]

The perfect automated channel to organize your bill payments

Bill payment is one of the major components of a family debate. As soon as a new month commences, we have a daily showdown where your parents will ask you remit a slew of bills like water, electricity, TV, telephone, etc, besides paying various EMI’s. At workspace, you will bear the responsibility to handle the […]

10 Exceptional Benefits Of Storing Receipts In Cloud

Cloud computing has become one of the truly disruptive technologies of the modern-day. It has facelifted the way we have thought we could have achieved security and authenticity for our data. Receipts and bills are important slices of data for every individual. By the arrival of cloud services, professionals and laymen have their own requirements […]

Common Mobile App Security Threats

It is a well-known fact that mobile apps are increasingly used for a variety of functions from bill payments to purchase products. In such an environment, mobile apps’ security features are being threatened by hackers. According to studies, it has been estimated that 1 in every 36 mobiles have high-risk apps installed in them.  Another […]

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